Work At Home Careers: Staying Home Has Never Been This Good

Submitted by: Kevin Tyler Smith

As young kids, we have always had the notion that careers are professions that can be practiced elsewhere but our homes. We have dreamed of becoming doctors, firemen, policemen, pilots, name it and every kid would want something grand. But, let s face it life doesn t always give what we want due to circumstances that are sometimes out of our hands. So let us bow down to the brains behind the idea of careers that can be practiced at home.

You could be one of those new graduates or those moms who need extra income to help augment some needs. Whatever scenario you re in, there is a possible job match for you that does not require you to dress up, endure traffic jams, or go through hours of meetings. Working at home can be rewarding, not to mention the freedom that comes with this type of career.

There are many ways of earning money while staying at home. You can now choose from technical or non-technical jobs. Example of jobs that require technical knowledge are developer of applications, web developer, .net developer, personal assistant, data entry jobs, IT jobs or all other types of programming jobs. Those jobs that do not require technical expertise include sales or marketing, any type of mom-inspired jobs (such as selling baked goodies, catering services, etc), and sales consultancy.


Home based jobs are so popular nowadays that more and more people are jumping into the bandwagon. In the United States alone, there are so many telecommuting jobs that looking for them on the internet is so easy. Hundreds of these jobs are now classified per state and anyone could easily look for a career at the best possible location.

Here are some more examples of home based careers that you can consider:


Online tutorials thanks to technological advancements such as text chats or voice chats, file sharing, and interactive whiteboards, more and more tutors can now work in the convenience of their homes. If you re good in English or mathematics, you can now harness the power of the internet to look for students and to teach them online.


Pay per Click you could have advertisements posted to your website where people would be able to access links to them. For every click , you earn bucks.


Medical transcription if you are a graduate of medical courses, then this is a good venue for your talent. The rate for medical transcriptionists range from $10.87 to $15.63. With more experience under your sleeve, there are supervisory positions that can be made available. The work is easy as long as you know how to spell medical terms. Your job is to listen to recordings of medical professionals which you would need to transcribe. These transcripts would then be used on reports, administrative information or correspondence.

With the flourishing industry of work at home jobs, scams also abound. Most of them promise easy money, in fact, so easy that it s a wonder why there are still people who fall into their traps. Be wary of them. If they ask for advance payment in exchange for their services and they promise thousands of bucks with just a few minutes of work, think ten times. More often than not, they re not for real.

Freedom from your tyrannical boss and restrictive cubicle is now at the tip of your fingers. Just muster enough courage to let go of the typical job and to start a career at home and you begin to be your own boss. And anyone would want that!

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