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Submitted by: Kelly Purden

Life is difficult for disabled people, not only because of their physical incapability. Social interaction is also hard for them, and this is probably the reason why may disabled persons prefer to stay at home. A lot of them already lost the faith to brave the world outside to meet friends and partners.

There are lots of services that help the disabled, even with their love and social lives. That is why creating disabled dating services is a great venture. These services provide a network for the disabled so they can reach out and communicate with each other. This is very important for them, since they won’t have to deal with people who discriminate towards disabled people. Disabled dating services cater to all kinds of people with disability, from amputees to those in wheelchairs. From these networks, they can find people who can understand them and interact with them without prejudice. The good thing is, there are sites that are open to normal (meaning not disabled) people who are willing to interact with the disabled, or take responsibility for them.

Disabled dating is very easy to avail. After you select the service that you want, all you have to do is register, create your profile or personal ad, look through other member profiles and start communicating through e-mail. If the service has forums, you can join the various groups of interest and take it from there. You will find people who share the same experiences as you have. You can meet them personally in a public place, or have a group date if that’s more comfortable with you.

There are many disabled dating services available online. Some of them are:


1. Disabled World

The features of this site are pretty much like a usual dating site, but with a few tweaks. Aside from match-making, e-mail and chat functions, there are forums that make disabled people feel that they belong.

2. Whispers4U

Created in 2002, they claim to be the first site to provide disabled dating services. Many of the online communities of this nature are following the footsteps of Whispers4U. They first started out as a site exclusively for disabled people, now they are a big community of different people, non-disabled included. Anyone can now join the community, according to their interests. What’s more, the community also allows married people or couples who are just looking for friends.

Whispers4U has now more than 30,000 members. The site has may features, including message boards, live chatrooms, video uploads and fraud profile detection system.

3. Disabled Passions

Disabled Passions offers a Disability Group option where members can choose specific groups according to the type of disability that they have. There are disabled members dealing with cancer, cerebral palsy, arthritis, diabetes, depression, spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, among many others. Just like other services, members can link their existing Facebook, MySpace or Friendster accounts to their Disabled Passions account.

4. EnableRomance

EnableRomance is part of the Dating With Disabilities Network. Great site features include Virtual Flirt Facility, Anonymous e-mail, personalized local search option, webcam multi-chat and many others.

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