Unique Ideas To Decorate A Bridal Shower

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Submitted by: Janet R.

One of the most challenging parts in planning a bridal shower is how to decorate the entire event. If the bride has chosen a specific theme for her wedding, it will be easier for you to decorate her bridal shower or you can think of another kind of theme for the shower alone.

Traditional decorations that are safe to use for bridal showers include colored balloons. You can use helium balloons that you can drift towards the ceiling of the room, giving a nice touch above everyone. If you are thinking of including favorite colors of the bride-to-be in the shower, consider colored balloons to decorate the area in those colors as well. Balloons with a pearl sheen are best if you opt for an elegant touch. If balloons are not enough, you can decorate walls with fabric as bunting or you can hang crepe paper streamers.

Linens are also popular decorations that you can use to beautify the tables and chairs. Drape them in the linens that match with the chosen colors of the bride. You can use lace to cover the tables if there’s no available colored linens. Local fabric stores have yards of silks, satins, and laces in different colors to choose from. For white-covered tables, accentuate them with colored napkins and tableware. Placing matching favors would also be delightful.


There are many bridal shower themes to choose from, and it would be a lot easier to plan one if there’s a theme to follow. Plus, it makes the shower more fun and memorable. Some of the most popular bridal shower themes include Beach, Spa, Round-The-Clock, Shopping, and Lingerie themes.

Decorating a bridal shower doesn’t need to be too much. In fact, it supposed to be simple but because many brides, these are getting more sassy and bold, and bridal showers tend to be highly elaborate. Some of the cheap, yet beautiful decorations that you might want to consider are candles, crepe paper wedding bells, silk flowers, mini gift wrapped boxes that are strung together to form garlands, and other else. If you are looking for unique options, you can create a wishing well where small gifts will be placed. Colored umbrellas or parasols may also used to create unique accents in corners or ceiling of the room.

The sky is the limit when it comes to planning a bridal shower. There are so many sources of ideas that can help you plan a unique bridal shower that will hardly forget by everyone at the party. Obviously the biggest source is the Internet. By simply surfing the net, you can find lots of great and unique ideas to flair the party that you are about to organize. You don’t have to leave your home, because right in front of you are different websites that offers unique ideas, as well as bridal shower supplies. Usually, websites that specialize in bridal showers sell bridal shower decorations, invitations, bridal shower games, gifts, and other party supplies that a bridal shower will need, whether or not it follows a specific theme.

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