Sleep Better With Blackout Blinds

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Submitted by: Dave Matthews

Blackout blinds are designed to block out the sun, enabling you to create night during the day. Very useful for young children in nurseries who need their daytime naps and also for people who tend not to sleep well. Pure darkness can make a lot of difference when trying to sleep.

Blackout blinds are popular within nurseries for many reasons – the most obvious being for nursery children who need a nap during the day to revitalise. Blackout blinds come in an array of colours so you aren’t just limited to plain black blinds, some companies will even digitally print images on the blinds – making them exciting and stimulating for young children. Any image can be printed on your blind, whether it’s a drawing or a photograph, you can have your own personalised blind. Not only are the blinds attractive to look at, you can also purchase PVC blackout blinds which easily wipe clean with a cloth, perfect for all of those messy nursery activities.

Blackout blinds also work well in bedrooms, especially for people who struggle to sleep. Of course there are many factors leading to a sleepless night; anxiety and stress being two of the main causes. However, light creeping through coloured curtains can also wake you up earlier than need be, and this why a blackout blind may be useful for you. The blind is very handy for shift workers who want a decent sleep without the sun peering in through the window – quickly slip the blind down and you have complete darkness for an undisturbed daytime sleep.


Not only is the blackout blind the ideal solution for a good night or day’s sleep, it also gives you privacy and adds a bit of style to your room. You can choose from a vast choice of colours and patterns so your blind fits in perfectly with the character of your bedroom.

The blackout blind is not only designed to block out light but also to act as an insulator – if the temperate is warm outside, the blackout blinds will keep the heat out of the room due to its inherent nature of keeping total control over the light. If you use your loft as a spare room for the kids or an extra bedroom, you can easily find blackout blinds to attach to loft or roof windows and they would be useful for blocking out light and heat in the summer months, everyone knows how hot and stuffy a loft can get throughout the summer months.

Blackout blinds are as close as you can get to complete blackout without spending hundreds of pounds; they use tight fabrics and guide rails which sandwich the fabric edges to guarantee that no light escapes. Vertical blinds are available in blackout fabrics but remember, light will be able escape through the louvers – this is why it’s important to know which type of blind will be best suited to you. The percentage of blackout depends on the type of blind you choose.

You’ll easily find a blackout blind to suit your budget, searching on the internet is the best place to look for a bargain, keep an eye out for sales and discounts on blind sites where you can find what you’re looking for, at a very cheap price.

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