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Submitted by: Adela Parker

Finding the right home theater installer in Michigan can feel like the toughest thing to do after choosing your home theater system. Below are some tips that will help you choose the best installer.

1. Select someone locally. There are basically thousands of home theater installation companies throughout the country. Find one that is at most within a 50-mile radius from your home or installation premises. With that you are likely to have an installer come by in no time at all.

2. Before having the installer come to your place, first get the prices. This you can do over the phone and check if their within your budget range.

3. Find out the time schedules. If your home theater installer can be at your place as early as 7am and you only get up at 9am, then it’s going to be tough couple of mornings for you. On the other hand if you are neat and your installer is untidy then you may not get along very well.


4. Ask for that particular installer’s website and check for images of some of the installations they have completed. These images should include various installations including; mounting of plasma TVs, home theater connections and satellite installations. Most professional installers will keep a showroom of their workmanship. However it is important to go on and make more researches as some installers may just upload images of completed projects.

5. Ask for any references to projects similar to yours. Visit their website and read reviews. Also ask the manager or anyone who has used the services of that company before about how satisfying their work is.

6. Before work commences make sure that you have a written and signed contract that includes; pricing, payment terms, equipment specifications, expected date of completion, connection cables and the amount to be paid.

7. Ask the home theater installation company if they have insurance coverage in the event that something goes wrong. Although accidents are rare, but they do happen. Suppose that company breaks your $3,000 plasma screen on installation, you will expect the insurance policy to cover that. But however if you break your own home theater system then that’s entirely on you and not on the installation company. Dealing with a company that has some form of insurance is always the way to go

8. Find out if that installation company specializes in residential or commercial installations. A company that specializes only in commercial premises may not exactly know how to handle a residential setup. This is because houses are more delicate than commercial premises, some people are particular and if say the drilling leads to cracks in the walls or paint peels off then that’s trouble.

9. Although references are one of the best insights as to how your professional installer works, ask your installer if they have some training or qualifications. Most home theater companies are certified electricians and so are their employees.

10. Many home theater installers work with architects and interior decorators. These professionals can give you recommendations on which installer you can use.

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