History Of Berrywork

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By Terry Small

Massage therapy is used as an alternative for the modern medicines and surgeries used today to treat various health issues of the human body. Aside from the fact that these type of therapies are inexpensive than their counterparts in medical care, they are natural and doesn’t require complex methods in providing treatment to the medical conditions of the patient. There are over 160 different techniques to choose from which are widely practiced all over the world since their development.

Berrywork is one of the many types of bodywork which has been around in the early years. The therapy is used in treating various problems through the manual working on the fascia of the human body. It is also popularly known as the Berry Method which was named after its creator, Lauren Berry Sr.

The fascia is the area just below the skin which holds most of the internal parts of the body. It is responsible for the location of the major organs including the proper attachment of the muscles and the correct pathways of the nerves throughout the body. As changes in the human body arises, the fascia moves along as the affected part repositions due to traumas or injuries.


The Berrywork treatment involves massage strokes and gentle stretching done on the affected area and the connective tissues surrounding the region where the condition is experienced by the patient.

The history of Berrwork or Berry Method can be traced to its developer, Lauren Berry Sr. who designed the therapy with similar principles to that of a mechanical object. He became interested with how the body works when he was just a young boy. His early education in the field of medical care began as a student of a neighboring doctor. His fascination and interest began to build results in his own method of healing as he began to treat his family and friends at an early age. The results of his therapy were quite successful and impressive considering his tender age. Eventually he pursued in the medical field by studying the human anatomy which later on led him to his development of his method which he named after him. His systematic principles and practices were soon introduced to the public as he began on accepting patients and students that are interested on trying out his techniques.

In his death, the methods used in his therapy began to take modification and evolved into much better practices. It was the Institute of Integral Health, Inc. which led the improvement of the Berry Method which is now enjoyed today by many patients all around the world.

The therapy can be quite relieving yet painful due to the after effects of soreness from every therapy session. This is due to the manual manipulation done on the connective tissues of the body. However, the pain will eventually subside which will be replaced by a wonderful feeling of wellness and the partial freedom from condition. The therapy will require not more than 10 visits to the therapist in order to complete the full healing package of the natural treatment program.

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