Vaser Lipo Achieves Safer Result

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Vaser lipo achieves safer result



Vaser liposuction, also known as LipoSelection, is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Vaser Lipo is a relatively new technique, which received full FDA accreditation in 1992 and has only been practised for around the last twelve years. It is a system that utilises ultrasound technology to break up and remove fat with virtually no side effects. Although patients can still expect to experience minor temporary bruising around the site of the area or areas being treated (as is experienced with traditional liposuction), any effects on the surrounding tissues, nerves and blood vessels will be kept to a minimum. Thus, with Vaser Lipo london there will be far less pain, damage and recovery time compared with standard liposuction which involves incisions into the skin. It is not surprising, therefore, that such non-invasive techniques are becoming increasingly popular as a means to help individuals lose that last little bit of stubborn weight.

One reason for the popularity of Vaser liposuction is that it is a safe and low impact procedure. The patient remains fully conscious during the operation, which is relatively painless. It is quite common for people to walk in, have the procedure and then walk out. Due to Vaser\’s specific techniques, pain and discomfort are kept to an absolute minimum and most people do not feel anything during the procedure, although some discomfort and minor bruising will become apparent some hours later, as the body begins to adjust and recover. Another reason for Vaser Lipo\’s popularity is that it is possible for the surgeon to precisely isolate small pockets of fat from sensitive areas of the body, thus achieving a more contoured result. This is because traditional liposuction tends to work best for general areas of the body, such as the waist, belly, back, buttocks and chest/breasts. On the other hand, Vaser Lipo\’s advanced ultrasound technique has the ability to reduce specific areas like the chin, knees or ankles, as well as other less common but more sensitive areas.


Vaser Lipo is not considered a good option for obese patients. Anyone who is extremely overweight is advised to follow a sensible and healthy diet and exercise routine, in order to eventually be in good enough shape to undergo a liposuction procedure. However, Vaser liposuction is an extremely good option for patients within a healthy weight range, especially for those who are looking for spot treatment of a specific area or areas of stubborn fat, which they cannot seem to eradicate despite working out or following a calorie reduced diet. For example, the genetic lottery means that some of us are \”blessed\” with a propensity towards \”muffin tops\” around the waist, \”saddlebag\” thighs or \”batwing\” arms, that will not reduce with diet and exercise alone. Unfortunately, we cannot control where fat tends to be stored, as that tends to be down to genetics. Therefore, in a situation where a few pounds of fat in a particular area just will not disappear, then Vaser Lipo London could be an ideal procedure.

No woman would like to be told whether it\’s \”safe\” to go to the beach wearing a bikini. Women\’s sensitivity to their appearance is well known. This underlies a strong drive to improve body appearance. Thankfully we are in a world of science, and technology and money have helped bring about low impact body contouring techniquues with proven safe cosmetic surgery to form the ideal female body shape.

Constant adverts on food tempt us again and again, yet the effect on body shape penalties can be overwhelming. You don\’t have to be over 50 to get unflattering mirror reflections.

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With the help of liposuction uk you can recapture your inner true body image. Good news is that body contouring medical devices is now much more generally available, and add to your Vaser Lipo London options, over and above natural exercise methods you may be trying now.

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