Residential Metal Roofing: A Better Alternative To Shingles?

By Ernest Jarquio

Metal roofing for residential homes must be able to provide the home owners the security they have been searching for in their household. To elaborate, metal roofing must protect the family from fire, rot, insects and water. Metal roofing has become popular over the years simply because it has delivered the goods and can be easily installed too.

What is Residential Metal Roofing?

The demand for metal roofing increased over the past few decade because it has proven to be a better alternative to its predecessor, the traditional shingles. Residential metal roofing comes with many advantages and is also available in various styles and colors which allow the home owner to go with what he or she prefers.

Many people ask, “Why metal roofing?” Here are some answers:

Durability and Longevity

Residential metal roofing is durable and stronger when compared to shingle roofing made from asphalts. Most companies selling this product give their clients a 30 year warranty, simply because they know that the roofing will last that long. Metal roofing is completely durable that it is not only used in residential areas, it is also the number one choice for government, school and business enterprises.

Also, residential metal roofing is the most superior composition when it comes to battling all kinds of weather conditions, specifically sun exposure, hail and wind. Quite different to shingles, residential metal roofing does not deteriorate as easily when exposed under the sun. Also, high winds often destroy composite roof but residential metal roofing has enough structure support that can handle the speed of the wind.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs containing light colors reflect away the UV rays from the sun. This keeps the house cool. Studies conducted show that a residential metal roof can cool the house 25% more than the other roof materials.

Therefore, residential metal roof make the most out of this capability by incorporating the “Cool Chemistry” paint which allows the roof to keep the house cooler even when it has been coated.


According to studies conducted by the National Association of Homebuilders, over 20 billion pounds of shingles made from asphalt are dumped into American landfills year after year. Even though the content has been recycled and turned into steel and metal roofing, it remains to be a complete waste of shingles. Also, because of the low composition, residential metal roofing prove to be environment friendly and also cost-efficient for that matter.

Residential Metal Roofing is a Superior Product

Because of the growing demand for metal roofing, residential homes are provided with high quality products. Most residential metal roofing have 26 gauge steel and have panels that are 33% thicker than the average. That being said, this has advantages such as the following:

1. Handling. Because of the added strength, residential metal roofing are least likely to be damaged during the handling as well as the transporting process.

2. Resistance. Because it has been rated to be a Grade 1 panel, residential metal roofing can resist any kind of weather, specifically hail. It has already proven its durability and strength as confirmed by the 35% discount Texas homeowners insurance provide to the material.

3. Strength. Because of the thick gauge, residential metal roofing panels are stronger and therefore less susceptible to the oil canning or the waviness of the material. It also lets the roof to be installed with relatively few screws, which gives off a clean look and also decreases the difficulty and costs of installation.

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