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When you have made the decision to look for a house to purchase, you will first have to determine whether you want to look at an older established home or look at new homes for sale. Both options have their benefits. With an established home you should expect a mature neighbourhood with amenities such as park space, schools and shopping in good proximity. With a new home though, you get a modern house which will be built up to current industry standards. New developments now include landscape clauses and maintain an architectural standard making each community functional, attractive and a comfortable place to call home.

It is certainly intriguing to look at new homes for sale. Design from the floor plan to the colour schemes used and even the kinds of appliances installed into the houses make most new homes for sale appealing to almost anyone, no matter what their personal style or preferences are. If you are into the purchasing process early enough, you can have a great deal of input towards the final look of the house; what colour of paint, what kind of flooring, choosing the countertops and even picking out the kinds of plumbing fixtures throughout the house. Having your say is a great thing and any builder will be happy to work with you to help bring your vision to life. Keep in mind that all upgrades can add to the final cost of the house.


The cost of a new home is where the buyer should really do their homework. More than anything, a realistic budget is needed before any attempt to shop for new homes for sale is made. How much can you afford? A pre-approved mortgage from your lender will tell you the maximum amount you can afford to spend. The key word is maximum. People will often make the mistake of spending to the maximum amount to get into a beautiful property that they soon realize is costing them half of their monthly income, which does not leave enough money to cover other expenses. To get an idea of where you would have a more comfortable payment scheme, use the rule of three. For example, if your annual household income is $100,000, times three is the basic price range you should be looking to spend, in this case, $300,000. With any budget, also allow about a ten percent buffer to deal with unexpected expenses.

Building a new home seems like a great adventure and it can be, if you approach it realistically and with patience. Having a good builder who is willing to work with you on the final design and all the upgrades along the way will make the process that much easier. If there are corners to be cut, consider things like letting the builder use the construction grade paint and then repainting on your own after you take possession of the home. The cost per wall will be much lower if you do some of that work on your own. If your spirit is willing, it is indeed very possible to be living in one of the many new homes for sale in your community.

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