Computer Repair In Alsip, Il: Four Services That Could Save Your Device

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byAlma Abell

Today’s electronic devices are intricately put together. The fact that they have so many different parts means that they can fail in many different ways. However, not every problem that you have with your computer or electronic device signals a need to replace it. If you’ve experienced any of the following issues, you may be able to save money with a cost-effective repair instead.

Motherboard Replacement

Motherboard failure is one of the scariest computer issues because your computer won’t be able to power on without this part. The good news is your computer’s motherboard can be replaced. Depending on the price you paid for your machine, it can be a cheaper option than buying a new laptop.

Power Jack Repair

Computer power jacks can be fragile, especially in cheaper machines. This problem is only exacerbated by the fact that many people don’t take much care when it comes to inserting and removing the power cord from their laptop. If you’re too rough with the power jack, it can easily get pushed too far in, and the power jack mount can break as a result of rough handling. If you’ve already broken your power jack, consider having it fixed by a professional instead of letting your laptop collect dust because you can’t charge the battery.

Laptop Screen Repair

There’s no point in trying to use a computer that doesn’t have a screen. Though your cracked or dim screen may seem like a hopeless issue, you should know that these issues are fixable. Replacing your screen will not only fix the physical damage, but it can be the remedy for pixel or lighting issues as well.

Touchscreen Digitizer Repair

Touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones rely on a digitizer in order to get the device to respond to your manual manipulation. When your touchscreen stops responding, you may be tempted to buy a new one rather than figure out what’s wrong with the one you have. Because replacing these devices can cost hundreds of dollars, it would be cheaper to just get your digitizer replaced.

Before you replace your computer or touchscreen device because of one of these issues, contact a professional at BLH Computers. Their technicians are experienced in computer repair in Alsip, IL, and your call could be just the thing that saves your beloved device from being rendered useless because of an issue that could have been fixed.


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