A 48 Inch Bath Vanity Is The Perfect Fit For A Medium Sized Bathroom!

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By Heather Mitchell

Bathroom vanities can either make or break the overall design of the bathroom. These home accessories can serve multiple purposes. They may either aid in organizing toiletries and keeping other items inside the bathroom in place, or revamp the interior design of the bath. Their biggest purpose, nonetheless, is to help homeowners make the most out of a limited bathroom space.

A visit to home depots or interior decorating shops may reveal that bathrooms vanities come in different sizes. These accessories may be bought with the following sizes:24′, 30′, 36′, 48′ and 60′.

Of all these available dimensions, 48 Inch Bath Vanity probably meets the biggest demand from the home decorating savvy. The reason here can be simple: 48′ Bath Vanities are neither too small nor too wide, making them perfect and suitable for medium sized bathrooms.

The common apprehensions of buyers towards 48 inch bath vanity center on its inability to accommodate dual sinks. Then again, one can find this vanity useful with all the features that come with it. The best part is, most stores today have made 48 Inch Bath Vanity with different styles available for homeowners who are in the look out for more options.

Those are in for practicality and affordability can surely be pleased with a basic 48 Inch Bath Vanity that comes with a countertop and sink. These are easy to install with the plumbing serving as the only concern of the buyers. Vanities available in most stores are also free-standing and easy to transport. In fact, some can be compact enough to come flat in a box.

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Homeowners who are adventurous when it comes to the design of their bathrooms may also have fun choosing from the range of vanity designs. A modern 48 bath vanity can be bought with pre-made themes that can either be contemporary, traditional or antique. Built-in features that can help in organizing items inside the bathrooms may also vary from one bath vanity to another. Buyers therefore have the luxury of options when it comes to number of cabinets, drawers, style of sink, color, materials, and other features.

Some may be overwhelmed by the numerous features and designs of these bath vanities. It is therefore imperative for any homeowner to note the following considerations when shopping for 48 inch bath vanity:

1. Bathroom space

2. Fixtures and design features should coincide with the overall theme of the bathroom

3. Organizing needs – cabinets built with the bath vanity can either be wall cabinets, vanity cabinets or medicine cabinets. Minding the built-in closets for the linens would also narrow down choices

4. Shelving

5. Frames – 48 Inch Bath Vanity can be styled with face-framed cabinets which are more appropriate to traditional styling. Some, however, looks more modern such as frameless and European style vanities.

6. Countertop materials – may vary from laminates, composite materials, ceramic tiles, wood. Some may come with countertops made of stones, stainless steel or concrete. Wood is usually the hardest to maintain. Stone countertops are the most expensive, but easiest to repair.

Again, when you are looking for a bathroom vanity which can perfectly fit your medium sized bathroom, it is a very good idea to buy the 48 Inch Bath Vanity. Surely, this is worth the price.

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