5 Must Have Wholesale Urban Clothing Brands

By John Peter

The Urban wear clothing is not some thing that is very new in the society. These are some of the trendiest and the hottest looking clothes that one can look out for. These urban wear clothes are truly inspired by the street culture.

It may be said that the urban wear clothing is an extension of the hip hop culture and if you are into hip hop music and/or extreme sports I am sure I need not really waste a minute more in explaining what this urban clothing is all about. These are expressive and bold designs which uphold the ‘I have my own specific issues’ theme in them. In case you have a different outlook then you might as well consider them pretty serious too in their own unique ways.

Here we are going to list down 5 must have wholesale urban clothing brands which have been the pioneer in the case of the particular dressing culture. These brands have maintained the aggressiveness along with the flamboyance in the designs of the clothes that they have put up in the market.

— Ecko – This brand is primarily associated and identified to carry a particular urban style and culture. Marc Ecko is the creative force behind the Ecko Clothing brand. This brand has now expanded to include several other lines as well.

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— Vokal – However apart from them there are other leaders too in the market who are relatively new compared to the brands mentioned above. Such as the Vokal they have done their bit to ensure expansion of the urban clothing culture which is to include the high end velour, fleece lounge wear and denims along with the athletic jerseys of vivid color.

— Baby Phat – Baby Phat is the world’s top brand for female urban hop hip clothing. Baby Phat has all its aims centering the creation of a real blend of the hip hop style along with the more sophisticated metropolitan fashion which would create a more refined urban look for the people who chooses their products in the market. Because of its sexy and stylish designs, Baby Phat has become the most happening brand amongst women all over the world.

— Rocawear – Rocawear has rocked the urban fashion world for over a decade now. This brand symbolizes a lifestyle that was launched off the astounding sensation of Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.

— Akademiks – This is one of the most well known brands in the urban clothing market these days and is extremely popular among youngsters.

In the conclusion I would like to stay that style is not confined to one specific look or brand. There are a lot of good brands available in the market today and it all depends on what exactly it is that you are looking for. Trust me all these brands are in a war to create some thing new and different that the others in the market. Thus style is ever changing.

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Wholesale Urban Clothing

brands are: –Ecko- Top in particular urban style and culture. –Vokal- Done their bit to ensure expansion of the urban clothing culture. –Baby Phat- the creation of a real blend of the

Wholesale Hip Hop Clothing

style. –Akademiks- known brands in the urban

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