Wall Mounted Hose Reels

By Camille Howe

Wall-mounted hose reels are made from professional grade, heavy duty steel that has been powder coated to protect the unit against both the elements and the stress of normal wear and tear. Each reel is made with rolled edges and ribbed discs that provide strength and stability during operation. This prolongs the life of the hose and is safer for workers.

Several different models exist that you can choose from according to the types of hoses and cables, sizes of hoses, and different work environments you need them for. When selecting a model, it is advisable to double check with a material handling specialist to ensure the best possible match between equipment specification and industrial application.

SM Series

The SMK-202 wall mount hose reel swivels on in demand whatever direction you need to work and locks into place. Eight locking positions are available on the unit. These wall-mounted hose reels are compact in design and very lightweight. They work easily with pressures of up to 4,000 PSI. Additional strength and control of the hose come from the ‘U’ shaped base on the unit, and from the hose control bar which keeps the hose from slipping off the side disks.

V/P Series


The V/P Series is a spring-driven or hand-crank vacuum hose reel that can be ordered in either vacuum only or a vacuum/pneumatic combo. Both designs will remove unwanted debris, by-products, and fumes from the work environment. The vacuum/pneumatic model has dual plumbing that powers pneumatic tools while operating the vacuum in a completely enclosed system.

DPD Series

The Dual Product Deliver, wall-mounted hose reel features two swivel inlets and two swivel outlets for dual hose applications. They are intended for large hose diameters in high volume delivery industrial applications. Extra stability and rigidity is provided by steel cross supports to all four corners of the box-style frame.

Truck Mount Series

The Truck Mount hose reel mounts a tractor trailer and provides spring-driven retraction. The unit is made with an extra large chassis with pedestal style arms that span from the roller guide bracket down to the sturdy mounting base. Because they do not need an external power source to operate, they are ideal for off-road applications.

SPD Series

The ‘Single Product Delivery’ is another type of spring driven, wall mounted hose reels that is intended to accommodate large diameter hoses. The most popular use for this model is in applications where high-volume delivery is performed through medium and low pressure hoses.


These wall-mounted welding cable reels protect your welding cable and extend its anticipated lifespan. This model stores the cable on a 25, 35 or 50 foot self-retracting welding cable reel. It is an excellent way to maintain safety, efficiency, and organization in crowded work areas where heavy arc welding has to be done.

SSP Series

Safety Series Performance, spring driven, wall-mounted hose reels prevent static buildup with a retraction speed of up to 80% less than that of standard hose reels. This eliminates the slamming action at the end of the recoil cycle and is much safer for the worker and easier on the hose. The SSP series is the preferred wall-mount hose reel for the delivery of air, water, grease, or other fluids in combustible environments where static buildup can create a spark that could cause an explosion.

Each of our wall-mounted hose reels can be customized to some extent. The degree of customization varies according to the nature of the unit and its intended use. Talk to your manufacturer’s representative about these options when placing your order today.

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