Surf Unblocked By Using A Web Proxy

By Bryan Halverson

Are you trying to access a certain website but can’t because it’s blocked and are trying to determine if you can do it anonymously? Many aren’t aware that when you are traveling through websites you are actually leaving a little trail along the way. Hackers would be able to follow you around easily and see everything you visit if they are good at it. Now with the new advancements of the Internet though you can finally access those blocked websites and stop leaving a trail by being anonymous with the use of web proxy sites.

Now you are probably wondering what a web proxy site is exactly. A proxy site is known to allow you to travel around websites anonymously and finally be able to get into those sites that happen to have a content filter on them. You’ll now have the opportunity to go through many websites by using a web proxy site.

Currently there are several proxy sites available that are quite dependable. By going to one of these proxy sites you can now go through visiting all the sites you want by simply typing in the URL of the website you are trying to access. By simply typing in the address to the website your real IP address will no longer be tracked and you’ll have all your information protected meaning you are officially anonymously browsing through the Internet.

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Don’t get me wrong this can be quite beneficial for some wanting to hide their information, but of course there are going to be various risks involved by surfing the Internet through a web proxy site. There are many proxy sites out there that are actually malicious sites that are going to record all the information you place in, such as logins and passwords, and then make use of them. This is one of the biggest risks using proxy sites for surfing around as it can be difficult knowing which ones are malicious and which ones are not.

There are many proxy sites out there that will take advantage of you taking all your personal and restricted information and sell it off to other websites making it quite risky to provide any information while using a web proxy site.

When you are selecting a web proxy site to utilize you should be very careful. Try sticking with web proxy sites that have an SSL tunnel or also a TLS tunnel. These are usually the most reliable proxy sites available as it prevents your information from being stolen. Also when selecting a proxy site make sure that it will actually support the protocol that you need, whether it’s FTP or HTTP.

For those wanting to get into blocked sites or become entirely anonymous while surfing the web you could make great use out of web proxy sites. Just ensure that when you are using a web proxy site that you are very careful with the information you distribute and the security measures that particular web proxy site has or you could find your personal and restricted information getting into the wrong hands quickly.

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