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Residential Township : A Smart Lifestyle}

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Residential Township : A Smart Lifestyle


Sam Mittal

As the real estate is witnessing boom, many people are investing in properties. New Delhi is among the ultimate choice for investment in the realty sector and is walloping this market at rocket speed. This is because of it being a multi-faceted metropolis and thus real estate development has received an encouragement, not only in the capital city but also in the country. No wonder, best builders and construction companies from various parts of the country have created their chain of residential flats and apartments as well as IT parks. This has resulted to provide people with superb accommodations as well as a healthy atmosphere to work. As per the recent studies, the realty sector of Delhi is booming at an alarming rate because of the incredible advancements in its domain.

Along with the commercial projects, residential projects are also coming up swiftly. Past few years have been the spectators of mounting in the demand of residential properties. As the manpower is fast shifting to metropolises from three tier cities, people are moving to earn bread and butter; they need a shelter in the particular city. So to fulfill their requirements and address the growing demand of residential properties, a number of residential township projects are coming up as a result of the backing by private and public investment companies.

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In this course, it becomes inevitable to mention the name of Delhi as its real estate is witnessing commendable boom. As its population is sky rocketing, its realty sector is going through buying and selling of properties as well as leasing and renting of the same. Especially for buyers of residential properties, Delhi is among the most desirable realty sector on account of being a hub of every associated activity.

When real estate development and residential township projects are being discussed, mentioning houses and flats in Arjun City Haridwar and Roorkee becomes mandatory. This is a residential township that has the objective to become a milestone in the sphere of residential projects in Haridwar and real estate growth. It allows you to book a studio apartment and enjoy being an owner of a property in these calm cities.

If you have made up your mind to reside in these flats and houses in Haridwar and Roorkee, christened as Arjun City; you have chosen to live in a great environment forever. Extending over an area of 60 acres and is stationed on NH-58. It is packed with incredible features that pave way for an unbeatable lifestyle. This project embraces luxury apartments having 1/2/3 bedrooms, premium Villas and independent low rise floors. Vast green areas provide healthy surroundings where people can indulge in walking and jogging. Strong security provide relief from the fear of any unpleasant incident, huge playgrounds provide spaces where kids can enjoy games and sports along with 24 hour power back and water supply and terrace car parking facility make this township a choice place to live in. Also, school inside it makes your kids safer without any problem of travel conveyance and traffic as well as curtails the time spent on commuting to school. Many more facilities envelop this township, making it a dream place to live.

Real estate development has materialized various avenues for residential township projects that are celebrated today. Now people welcome these projects whole-heartedly because of various advantages they have in store. Such townships create a safe and tranquil community that is becoming the latest social trend to reside in. Houses and flats in Arjun City Haridwar and Roorkee are no exception to this trend.

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High Demand Of Property In Delhi}

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High Demand of Property in Delhi


Mamta Papneja

Real estate sector plays a significant role in countries economy. For the rapid growth many people are buying the property in Delhi. Having property in Delhi or Delhi NCR is not an easy task, and it can be particularly daunting for the first timer. In this present scenario real estate is most expensive industry so if you want to purchase property in Delhi NCR you must conscious about many facts. The properties in Delhi like Bungalow, Villa, Apartments, Flats, and Plots are available but they all are very pricey.

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Delhi is known as political, social and cultural hub. Delhi has ample of malls, multiplexes, markets and many other places to go around or shop and relax. Delhi is the target of every property buyer, still constantly growing prices and increasing population. Property in Delhi is the focal point especially for residential property buyers. Delhi and NCR (National Capital Region) that includes Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad are seen among the most admired and dynamic real estate business places in India. The residential properties in Delhi are expanding with numerous projects like Parsvnath Paramount, Platinum Independent Floors, Victoria Gardens etc. and many more project are shortly targeting the Delhi Investing in property in Delhi or NCR you must check all the details and facts like Is it suits your pocket or budget? Is it worth? Delhi is the city where already many fraud cases have happened, so it’s better to be careful before rather than repent later. According to a report almost 80 percent of real estate that is developed is residential space and the remaining consists of commercial, retail and other sectors. Many builders invest in real estate sector in India and are earning a profitable margin from there. Delhi is divided into five pieces- West Delhi, South Delhi, North Delhi, Central Delhi and East Delhi. If you are looking for the most posh residential property in Delhi then go for the South and Central Delhi.The North and south Delhi is also as the hotspots of the city due to the campuses of Delhi University and East Delhi is also developing at a rapid pace. There are some posh areas for residential properties in Delhi are Jor Bagh, Shanti Niketan, Westend, Anand Niketan, Neeti Bagh, Amrita Shergill Marg, Prithviraj Street, Vasant Vihar, Brand new Close friends Nest, Ishwar Nagar, Sunder Nagar, Chanakya Puri as well as Panchsheel Car park.

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High Demand of Property in Delhi}

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Why You Need Acoustic Insulation And Proper Basement Flooring}

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Submitted by: Vikram KR

If you happen to stay in a noisy environment you need to keep away the noise as much as possible. Noise is known to have serious implications and cause health problems to people. Basically, you dont need noise around your residential area as well. The best solution for noise and accompanied effects is acoustic insulation. You might have witnessed professionals thoroughly working on commercial buildings just to keep away some sound for the efficiency of occupants during work. You can always make use of acoustic cork insulation for one apartment to the next, one floor to another or from a hotel room to the other.

Basements and Flooring

Most basements have totally different activity from that of the main building. As people prefer to have car parking and garages on the basements cars could get noisy and interrupt peoples activities. Alternatively some people have noisy washing machines on the basements. Therefore, the best basement flooring is that which accounts for the sound. Whatever happens in the basement does not need to be an interruption for the other parts of the building. Vibrations and noises that come from beneath can be irritating and annoying as well. The passage of sound through floors and walls is called flank transmission and identifying the sound source to avert it through cork flooring is good for the building.

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Repairs on Buildings

Acoustic insulation works best for both new and old buildings. If you have had to cope with so much noise in an old building you can still trace the sound path and control the sound. Refurbishments get the best of the insulation especially because it is not so easy to alter the structure of the building for the purposes of having minimal flanking transmission. It is also important to note that all rooms and floors have different insulation needs. Staircases cannot have the same insulation as living rooms. Intensity of the insulation will largely depend on level of transmission of sound and intensity of vibrations as well.


With the intense boom in the real estate sector governments are coming up with legislations and ways to ensure that buildings are of good standards. In UK for example cork flooring for acoustic insulation is necessary. The government has also permitted some level of noise for different buildings and has regulations on safety issues. Rules regarding the best basement flooring have also been effected in various countries as well. Basements need strong, firm and well fitted flooring as they might have to sustain heavy weights. The regulations also consider refurbishments and new buildings. You will definitely need different insulation mechanisms for both new and refurbished buildings.

Basements generally need different approaches from usual floors. The best basement flooring is that which will account for the moisture, height and have solution to building problems. Just beneath a building it is likely that there will be moisture from numerous sources such as rain water, running water and more. Basement flooring should therefore be that which can deal with the same. Height and composition of a basement like concrete also depend on what the basement is intended for.

About the Author: Acoustic insulation

that makes use of cork is the best basement flooring.

is a resourceful site which will see you have systematic instructions on how cork is ideal for you and how to get positive results for your basement overtime. Cork flooring installations for basements are not only for houses but also for residential buildings as well.


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