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Running And Cycling, Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle}

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with physical exercise does not have to be a burden, you can have a lot of fun with it. All that is needed is that you change your mindset and adjust your attitude, and you will find things to be a lot easier when it comes to exercising.

Whilst many persons like to debate on whether they should do running or cycling, I recommend taking a combination of both, with some walking mixed in. Because cycling is easier on your body, it easier to perform this exercise with much more frequency and for longer periods whilst running will take a much larger toll on your body. Today, I will describe a basic and fun exercise routine which you can follow that will not be hard for you to follow and maintain for an extended period of time.

Your Schedule

This routine will require that you select three days per week on your calendar where you will be spending approximately forty five to sixty minutes on physical training. Ensure that you pick the days on your calendar that will not conflict with your work schedule or study schedule because it is very important for you to maintain this routine consistently to see long term results

During your first few weeks of beginning this new routine, I will need you to spend that forty five to sixty minutes walking as your physical exercise for two days per week. This walking should be done briskly and you can choose a place that best suits you to go and get it done. Of you would like, take a friend with you because this will make it much easier for you during the process. You will spend the third day of exercising using your bicycle for physical workout.

For beginners, be sure to carry a bottle of water with you when out on your training because your body can get dehydrated really fast and this can hinder your workout.

As you continue to follow this routine for about two months consistently, your body will adapt and you will see that your physical endurance increases. Thus, I will need you to modify your workout schedule so that it will be a challenge and also help you to see the best results.

Change your first two days routines from walking to running and jogging. It will be extremely hard at the beginning to make this adaptation but if you persevere, you will be running miles in no time. Do not push yourself too far, however, try intermittent walking as you begin to transition into this new method of physical exercise. You can continue your third day of exercise with the same thing you have been doing, cycling and you should be fine.

Follow this basic routine for a few months and you will see results and live a much more healthier life. The key thing to remember is that your maintaining your physical health should be a long term process that does not last for just a couple of mornings, it is something you should strive to maintain throughout your lifetime. That is why this routine is so great, because it is not too excessive, it does not pressure you too much or invade on your personal life so you have a good balance.

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Cosmetic Surgery:Is It For You?}

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Cosmetic Surgery:Is It For You?


Marcus Landauer

If you thought cosmetic surgery was reserved for Hollywood stars, you’re out of sync with the times. Nowadays it’s become a surprisingly affordable lifestyle choice for people from all walks of life. Here’s a look at some of the more common cosmetic procedures to help you decide if cosmetic surgery is for you.

Essentially, cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure carried out to improve a person’s appearance. As such, it can be applied to any part of your body. But the most common are the various regions of the face, the breasts and the waist. Let’s look at each in turn.

The most famous facial surgery procedure is the facelift (rhytidectomy). The objective is to tighten up skin and smooth out the lines and wrinkles that time etches on your face. The end result is a more youthful appearance.

The second most common is the nose job (rhinoplasty). This works to bring balance to the face by changing the shape of your nose, by making it wider or narrower, for example. It’s also used to remove bumps in the nose.

Then there’s eye enhancement. This procedure centres on removing unsightly bags under the eyes.

Lesser known is ear surgery. This is for people who feel their ears are too prominent. The operation adjusts the shape of the ear cartilage so that the ear lies closer to the head.

Next is breast surgery which involves altering the size and/or position of the female breast. The most sought after procedure is breast enlargement which is achieved through implants. Another popular procedure is the uplift which corrects sagging breasts. Finally there’s breast reduction for women who suffer from back or shoulder pain due to excessive breast weight.

Finally, body surgery involves ways to improve the shape of the body, particularly the waist. The two most popular procedures here are tummy tucks and liposuction. The tummy tuck involves removing folds of overhanging skin and fatty tissue from around the midriff to give that smooth, tight, youthful look. For moderate weight reduction, liposuction is available. This involves the selective removal of fat cells by vacuum suction through a small metal tube inserted into the affected areas.

These are the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. But in addition to the above, there are also more specialized procedures such as weight loss surgery, cosmetic surgery for men and anti-aging cosmetic surgery. Your surgeon can give you details of these.

In deciding whether to go ahead with cosmetic surgery, the first step is to consult a surgeon to determine whether you are a suitable candidate. The surgeon will take many factors into account such as your age, state of health, skin texture, bone structure and healing ability. Though most cosmetic surgery procedures are safe and carried out under local anaesthetic, there are risks involved and your surgeon will make you aware of them.

Another key factor is how realistic your expectations are about the results of your surgery. If you’re expecting to be transformed into a clone of Julia Roberts, you’re probably setting yourself up for disappointment. Results tend to be subtle rather than transformational and it’s important to remember this. However, they can be life changing too.

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