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Soarin, Flyin. Theres Not A Cloud In Business That Prime Cant Beat!}

Submitted by: Prime Technology Group

Cloud computing or the cloud offers transformative impact on the way organizations operate and the services are delivered to business users. Simply put, this is the only kind of Cloud youll be happy to see and it wont make you wet and dreary, raining on your parade.

As the cloud computing market continues to mature, different voices with different opinions have emerged to play a vital role in shaping the opinions and success of cloud computing. So exactly how does Cloud fit into enterprise IT? For answers to this question and more, all eyes are on the disrupted cloud computing landscape — and Primes top Cloud services are worthy of your attention.

In the course of just a few years, cloud computing had triggered a stunning shift in how companies operate that allows them to work engagingly and more intimately with their customers. This new change has made organizations smarter and faster-paced in keeping pace with not only the work styles of todays customers and their rapidly shifting requirements, but also with marketplace opportunities.

Companies are seeing the benefits of faster provisioning, on-demand cost-effective access to a standardized, service-based capability resulting in improved responsiveness to business needs. Primes cloud has got it all covering the complex world of cloud architectures and performance tools of new cloud technologies such as Hadoop or NoSQL or Azure.

CEOs of many companies are looking to benefit from Cloud solutions. They have dramatically changed their perception about the Cloud and causing them to take a fresh look at how widely it can and should be deployed within their mission-critical systems and processes.

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Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing Business

Primes cloud helps your business reach for the stars. Our end-to-end Cloud-enabled infrastructure services transform the way organizations leverage their IT from investment in infrastructure to application development. At Prime, we understand todays IT challenges organizations face because our approach ensures an optimal mix of enhanced business agility, quick service delivery, reduced operational cost of ownership, and speed time-to-market that fosters maximum ROI, without creating overheads.

An experienced partner like Prime can help you execute a holistic strategy to use cloud solutions to drive not just revenue and growth but significant cost-savings. With Primes cloud-empowered enterprise solution, we partner with you to unlock more value in your business processes, gain more insights and help speed up the way you innovate.

We provide a full spectrum of world-class cloud computing services focusing on tactical areas of your business needs, systematically and profitably. Our portfolio of cloud services incorporating Microsoft Azure into our solution offerings includes:

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) enabled service: leverage best-of-breed SaaS applications that can help you achieve the outcomes you are seeking delivered from the standpoint of a cloud-enabled methodology.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) enabled service: rapidly build and deploy rich web-based (cloud) applications in a cloud-based environment and accelerate predictive capabilities to run your business in real-time, without cost overheads.

Test automation and remediation service: deliver a virtualized IT infrastructure that withstands all kinds of data breach threats. Remediate any exposures quickly and report accurately in a consistent and efficient way across your heterogeneous environment.

Cloud application offerings: design, build and architect a roadmap that provides a consolidated platform of cloud-enabled, custom Azure-based offerings to meet any specifications to help you increase business agility, stay competitive and lower costs.

Google cloud platform adoption: ensure real-time data insights, reliability, security and monitoring of your cloud-based environment by keeping all application engines performing smoothly through pro-active management.

These five cloud service models are sure to be joyfully disruptive for the kind of business transformation you need. So when are you transitioning to the Cloud? Believe it or not, with Primes complete and integrated cloud you are one step closer to touching the stars. The only cloud that moves with you, and for you.

About the Author: Prime Technology Group, LLC is a global, technology services company with innovation at the core of our business engagements. We develop cutting-edge solutions, and carefully select the best Information Technology professionals, making them ambassadors for your business. This approach maximizes our ability to leverage our award-winning teams and put their competencies to work for you. Prime is the conduit which bridges the immediate business solutions of today to the technology advances of tomorrow. For more Information visit:


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Things You Should Look For To Get Good Plumbers In Austin}

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Things You Should Look For To Get Good Plumbers in Austin


Vikram Kumar

Hiring the services of good plumbers in Austin can go a long way towards saving you precious time, money and effort. Also, having the most competent services available at your disposal is also going to give you the much needed peace of mind. There are so many good plumbers around Austin but finding the best ones is not always an easy job as such. The most important thing you must do is to learn how to distinguish between good and bad plumbing services as this can mean the whole difference on the kind of practice that you get. Here are a couple of things that you should look for in order to make the best and most informed decisions when hiring a plumber.

Hire a licensed plumber

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For starters, it is essential you check if the Austin Leak repair service you intend to hire is licensed or not. While licensing might not be a big deal as such, considering this aspect contributes greatly in ascertaining the authenticity of services that you are getting. A plumber who is licensed gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are getting legal services and in case of anything, you will be protected by the law. Also, you will need to deal with a licensed plumber if you want the insurance companies to cover you. Hiring a licensed plumber thus ensures that you will be getting professional services.

Range of services offered

The next most important thing to look for is the range of services that the plumbers in Austin offer as this will help you make a better and well informed decision. Some plumbers only offer their clients limited services while others provide all the various plumbing services under one roof ranging from installation of the systems to repairs. Hiring a reputable technician assures you that you are dealing with an expert who can handle any kind of installation even those that demand updated skills and knowledge.

Austin Leak repair companies charge for the services they offer differently and you should be able to know where you are getting the best deal. Some plumbers usually charge hourly rates for the services rendered and on the other hand, others usually charge daily rates. Some plumbers are very cunning and will send you a low quote only to charge extra for materials and tools. It is essential that you work with a plumber who sends one and final quote for the services being offered and one who doesnt include other additions on the price. Once you get a quote, study it carefully and seek clarifications where you dont understand to ensure you get the best services at the most affordable rates.

It is good that you work withAustin Leak repair service providers who offer a warranty for the job done. Plumbers in Austin who offer a comprehensive warranty are always highly reliable and are certainly the best persons to work with in sorting out your plumbing woes.

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Things You Should Look For To Get Good Plumbers in Austin }

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