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What exactly is tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening in simple terms, is the process of lightening ones natural color of the tooth through various methods. Usually this entails the removal of a very thin layer of the tooth by chemical or other physical means.

Why do the teeth need whitening? :

The teeth get darker as we age naturally, however there are many more factors that directly and indirectly affect this process. We must remember though, that not everyone has the same color of the teeth. Just as hair color differs from person to person so does the color of teeth.There may be damage to the enamel of the teeth which causes stains and white spots. This is a sign of tooth decay. Even the food that we eat causes teeth to darken. Food and drinks such as Coffee, tea, red wine and certain fruits with strong color can all cause early darkening of the teeth color.

There are, a number of reason why anyone would like to get their teeth whitened. It is a sign of good health and personal hygiene. It makes one look more attractive and good looking. A clean and good looking self feels much more confident and sure of oneself and that is the biggest motivating factor.

What does it involve? :

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Whitening usually involves chemical bleaching of the tooth. This process is the most common method and should be carried out by professionals. Another method involves the usage of active ingredients such as activated charcoal which works by absorbing all the toxins and other pigment layer on the tooth.

Now-a-days it is not even required to visit the dentist for most regular cases and people can whiten their teeth while sitting at home. There are commercially available teeth whitening kits on the market which one can simply buy off the shelf and start using from the comfort of their homes while sitting and watching TV in their living room. This method is fast becoming more and more popular with the general public as it saves time, effort and money.

What about the side effects? :

Teeth whitening if not properly done can result in various kinds of side effects and teeth and gum problems and can manifest into something serious if not cured early.

These processes can cause tooth sensitivity and weakness and permanent erosion and damage of the enamel which is the protective layer of the tooth. There might even be a tingling sensation in the gums which can be temporary and may wear off after a certain period.

Hence it is very important that one get the best treatment and from a professional.

Even for the DIY kits one should choose wisely and choose from some of the reputed brands such as 32OC, Super smile etc.

One must carefully read, understand and follow all the instructions mentioned and perform any sensitivity tests mentioned prior to applying the treatment.

How to look after whitened teeth? :

1) Look what you eat and drink. Avoid dark colored fruits and drinks and caffeine etc.

2) Brush at least twice a day with regular toothpaste but gently and properly.

3) Avoiding or at least cutting down on smoking also helps

4) Teeth whitening is not a permanent solution and must often be repeated after the prescribed period.

Teeths whitening usually also accompanies breath treatment as it is all about complete oral hygiene. Teeth whitening kits and breath treatment kits can be ordered from the comfort of your home by ordering online. For ordering such products do visit the site mentioned below:

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