4 Key Things To Consider Before You Start Having Lap Band Surgery

4 Key Things to Consider Before You Start Having Lap Band Surgery


J.J. Yong

Weight loss surgery is an important medical decision which cannot be taken lightly because there is certain risk factor which is attached to this Lap Band surgery, which cannot be avoided completely. Also, this is also going to affect one’s life-style forever. Therefore, it is critical for the patients to deep dive into the pro and cons of having this weight-loss surgery by considering all the consequences and possibilities before deciding to go for it.

Some of the major things to consider before getting into the lap band surgery are –


a.If you are a business person who is responsible to entertain your customers with fancy dinners and drinking at happy hour to settle for successful contracts or Business deal, then this surgery might not be suitable for you. Doctors warned their patients with alcohol and drug dependency to forgo the idea of this surgery because after this surgery, if they continue with their old life style of drinking or are still dependent on drugs, these will cause severe damage to their health.

b.If the key reason for any of the patients who are opting for this surgery to get their weight reduction done, and be slimmer thereafter, then I am sure that they will be very disappointed if they learnt about the truth. Nothing will lead them to a toner body after these surgeries except if one is really determined in achieving their desire weight loss. They need to put-away their old lifestyle by incorporating more physical exercises at least twice a week, and starting a good healthy eating habit with less oil, meat and sodium.

c.Potential complications might occur during or after the surgery, such as constipation, nausea with frequent vomiting, abnormal stool and discharge especially the first 1-2 months after the surgery.

d.Cost is one of the key criteria to consider whether to go with this surgery or otherwise. Medical surveys cited that the cost of this surgery ranged appropriately from USD 19,000 to USD 25,000. This is a big sum of money to pay for this weight-loss surgery and its necessary treatments. Many patients chose to back-off because of their budget constraint.

Weight loss with lap band surgery can be a successful and exciting experience if it is done right throughout the whole procedure. The results can be very satisfying and encouraging. It is not surprising to find out that today, many medical centers and private hospitals have started to provide Lap Band surgery because of its high demand and lower risk.

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